47 things to do when you have to stay home

Do you need ideas for when you need to spend more time at home?

We have the right answers for you! We have made a complex list of activities that you can perform right from the comfort of your own home.

Since we are in the age of technology, we divided the activities into two types: those that involve Internet access, and those that do not.

Activities that involve internet access:

Visit some museums VIRTUALLY – would you like to visit a museum but at the moment it is not possible? We suggest you take a virtual tour of these museums, you will surely be delighted!

Khan Academy – a longer period spent in the house gives us the opportunity to learn. On the Khan Academy website, you will find many interesting and free courses.

Ted.com – as their motto says: “Ideas worth spreading”. On TED you will find many speeches where interesting ideas from various domains are presented.

Best Netflix movies at the moment – are you passionate about movies? We’re sure you don’t want to miss any of the best Netflix movies right now.

Goodreads 100 Best Books of All Time: The World Library List – if you have more time available, we recommend looking over the top of the best 100 books of all time, made by Goodreads. Even if you can’t get out of the house to go to the bookstore, you can buy the volumes in ebook format, which is a small step towards saving the planet.

Have you ever wondered which Spice Girl you are?– if you have a lot of time to spend at home, Buzzfeed has a series of tests that will make you find out plenty of things you didn’t know about yourself.

Top 100 educational Youtube channels – you will surely find a topic that will catch you: science, nature, history, numbers, animals. Are you curious already?

Ranker.com – do you enjoy reading tops from different fields? Now you have the opportunity to participate in making them!

Scribophile – have you always wanted to become a writer? Now is the perfect time to spend more time developing this hobby.

Patatap – what if we told you that you can create a unique beat only with the keyboard?

Pixlr – would you like to use Photoshop but are not ready to invest in it yet? Pixlr offers you the basic functions of Photoshop for free.

Playback fm Birthday song – have you ever wondered what song was first on the charts when you were born?

Duolingo – how many times you have told yourself that you will start learning a foreign language? Now is the time! Duolingo is a free application available on both desktop and mobile, which helps you learn the basics of a foreign language. Believe us, you have enough options to choose from, you can learn many foreign languages from Duolingo!

Draw a stickman – have you ever played the “hangman” game? Now you have the opportunity to draw a little man just like the one in the game and help him in an adventure.

What should I read? – would you like to read something but you are out of ideas? This site offers book recommendations based on an author or book title you liked.

AccuRadio – do you like that sometimes you change the playlist you usually listen to? Access AccuRadio, choose a favorite genre and discover or re-discover a genre of music.

LinkedIn Learning – we are sure you will find at least one course that will captivate you.

Play a computer game – Do you remember the computer games you probably played 10 years ago and you liked? Play a game (or more) and remember that time.

Documentaries – are you passionate about documentaries? We found for you a website where you can see free interesting documentaries.

Learn some magic – how many of us did want to know a magic trick at some point? Now is the perfect time to learn!

Movies to see in a lifetime – we showed you what are the best movies on Netflix nowadays, but we thought you might want to see the 101 best movies to watch in a lifetime.

Books to read in a lifetime – we liked the top made by Amazon with 100 books to read in a lifetime.

Rainy mood – do you think you focus better when you work while listening to the rain? Now you don’t have to wait until the next time it rains, but you can relax anytime with the sound of rain in the background.

Cleverbot – if you were face to face with a robot, what would you discuss? Now you have the opportunity to find out!

Reddit – we think you can find just about anything on Reddit. Interested in a particular area? Do you just want to have fun? Do you want a book, movie, car, etc. recommendation? Reddit is the right place.

Activities that do NOT involve Internet access:

Stay home

Try a new recipe. Have you thought several times to try a different recipe, but the time was not enough? Now it is the time. Maybe that’s how you discover a new hobby, who knows?

General cleaning around the house. Besides cleaning, you can reorganize your space and give up the objects you no longer need.

Read a good book. Do you remember those books bought from the antique shop last summer? Now is the time to read them, it will surely catch you.

Yoga. We know the scenario: “I will wake up early in the morning to start my day with yoga”, but it never happened. Well, now yoga helps you balance your body with your mind and adapt to the present situation.

DIY. Do you remember that jar you said you will paint and turn it into a pen holder? Why not paint it now?

Board games. Monopoly, Activity, and others. It’s been a while since you used them, has it? Challenge those you live with to a game, you will surely have plenty of fun.

Learn to sew or knit. It seems more complicated than it is. Do you know that knitting book you have in the library? Now you have enough time to learn the secrets of manual work.

Organize a SPA day. A bath with foam, a face mask, good music, and cold lemonade. How does it sound?

Journal. Write down your thoughts in a journal that you will re-read in a while. It is useful, it helps you relax, and in time you will see your personal evolution.

Call your friends. How long has it been since you talked to your friends? Call and talk a little, surely the discussions with your friends will make your day better.

Reorganize your room. Move furniture, change the decor with other objects you already have, it gives a new look to your room.

Sleep longer. Many of us face a problem: we do not have enough time to do whatever we want, so we reduce sleep hours. Now is the time to sleep longer, give the body a break.

Physical activity. Aerobics, pilates, gymnastics, no matter what you prefer. It is important to have physical activity. This helps you stay in shape when you cannot leave the house for a longer time.

Modify your clothes. That pair of jeans would look better shorter. You bought new buttons for the coat but you still haven’t put them on. We encourage you to upgrade your wardrobe in a creative way.

Arrange your library. By genre, alphabetically, by color … you decide!

Meditate. Inhale, exhale, relax.

Write on paper what wishes, aspirations, and hopes you have for the future. Put that paper in a safe place and come back to it whenever you feel the need.

Learn a foreign language or refresh your knowledge of a known language. Many of us have language manuals such as “French without a teacher”. What do you say, do you accept the challenge of trying to learn a foreign language without help?

Paint or play an instrument. As you used to do before you didn’t have time for this.

Watch a movie on DVD. Even if you’ve seen it, especially if you like it.

Dance! Dance like no one sees you. Most likely, nobody really sees you.

Watch TV. Maybe you do it more and more rarely now, because you have any information you want on the internet, but give the TV a chance from time to time.

In addition to these ideas of how to spend free time indoors, we have prepared for you a list of tips for working from home and tools that help.