CustomSoft CCIFER Yearbook

CustomSoft in the 2019-2020 CCIFER yearbook

We are happy to announce that CustomSoft appeared in the 2019-2020 yearbook. This is the yearbook of the members of The french chamber of commerce, industry, and agriculture […]more

How to maximize business results

On the 27th of March our CEO, Octavian Dumitrescu, had a presentation during the ecomTEAM conference. He discussed ways to maximize business results in the relationship […]more

Custom solution or not? What is better?

Businesses are always in need of solutions for various operations like day-to-day activities, customer service, development, and others. A custom solution is perfect to fit the […]more

How to write a FAQ page

Having a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is essential, as it shows your customers that you care about them. Also, it saves them some time trying […]more

Starting an online shop

Starting an online shop is something exciting. You have the opportunity to present yourself to the world. Before doing that you have to make sure everything […]more