Impressions about working from home at CustomSoft from our colleague, Flavia Neacsu

We thought of giving you a picture of how the work from home at CustomSoft works, all from the perspective of our team members.

Work from home

Today we see how our colleague Flavia Neacsu perceives work from home. Within the team, Flavia successfully holds the position of project manager. Here is her perspective on working from home:

“The biggest challenge I had to overcome so far was motivation. When you get to the office and you see everyone concentrating and working hard, it’s a collective thing you get into, without realizing it. At home this is no longer the case, there is no one around you to push you from behind and you have to motivate yourself 🙂 I solved this problem by starting the day with discussions with the rest of the team about what we work, what they have planned for the rest of the day, and what problems they have or could have. This helped me a lot because it made me feel connected with them and I assign myself in tasks according to the needs of others.

The second challenge was separating the workspace from the one I spend my time watching on Netflix. It was very difficult for me in the first days to keep my focus on the desk where I organized my monitor and laptop, because I saw around me a book, a picture, a shirt that was thrown down and I want to read another page, to remove some dust or to do laundry, although that was not my priority at that time. To solve the problem I moved my office orientation a little so that I no longer had such great visibility over the rest of the room, which brought a big plus.

Cigarette breaks. In the first 2 days, I had to get used to the new cigarette breaks. At the office we went out with colleagues once an hour, 10 minutes, we smoked a cigarette and we were all back to work. At home, I went out alone and I would suddenly realize that it was half an hour and I am still scrolling on Instagram. We also solved this problem by making video calls with the people we used to go out with on cigarettes, usually on Instagram, where we smoke a cigarette together and in the end one says “let’s get to work” and we all go back to our offices. Again, the collective spirit.

What these days have made me realize: I realized that I am not the type of person that is made to stay at home and work non-stop and that my productivity is highly dependent on the people around me. I knew I was a person with a high need of socialization, but I never realized that lack of socialization can lead me to a state where I no longer want to work at all, so I try as much as possible to make video calls with my friends and colleagues so I can charge my energy 🙂

As an advantage I could mention what is already obvious: no more wasting time on the road to the office, no more wasting time arranging and choosing an outfit, I have the time to cook and eat healthier than I was doing it in the office and, perhaps most importantly, once I’m focused on a task the only thing that can bother me is a phone, so an urgent problem (as opposed to working in the office where someone gets up and comes to you to ask you totally unimportant things, like if you want to eat something or if you have an extra pen). “

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